Data matrix can be defined as hiding data into a square or rectangular symbol in order to minimize labor and time consumption. Labor and time are saved by interpreting with the help of a reader and transferring the data it contains to electronic media.

The data matrix is a two-dimensional barcode that can be read by smartphones. Allows encoding more than 4000 characters in a two-dimensional barcode. QR codes can be used by the user to view text, open a URL, save a contact in the address book, or create text messages.

QR Code has suddenly become indispensable in the marketing and advertising sector due to its ability to contain many visual materials and link structures. We see that the QR Code, which is preferred in various areas, is frequently used in many areas such as billboards at stations, magazines, newspapers and business cards.

Fields Where QR Code Is Used

QR codes are used in many fields from pharmacy to automotive, from food to manufacturing technologies. Some examples of areas where data matrix technology is used:

► You can link to website promotions.
► Can be used in shopping products.
► You can use it to send SMS with certain codes.
► It can be used in signage and advertisements.
► It can be used in documents such as tickets.
► Data matrix can be used instead of long long pages for promotional information.
► Can be used in medicine clippings.
► Can be used in factories and production facilities for fault detection and for part, product tracking.

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