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PD 18 UV Summary

Print Max. 8 lines
Secreen Touch Screen
Font 2mm-18mm
Print Type Logo, Barcode, Tex, Date
Keyboard Turkish, English, Russian
Menu Turkish, English
Ink UV Ink

It emits Ultraviolet Light and allows the ink to dry and hold on the product very fast. Since the pingments of especially Yellow and White inks are dense, they cause system clogging. The UV system is activated here and disables all negative system blockages thanks to its water-based ink.

  • It removes all cleaning and maintenance procedures required by the solvent system or solvent-free system, no cleaning is done in any way, and no cleaning products other than ink are used (Solvent Make Up, Solution Oil), none of them are used, only ink.
  • The print heads are not freeze-dried, etc. The ink is water-based, thanks to the UV system, it dries instantly on any surface.
  • Provides great print quality thanks to 380 DPI resolution.
  • Plastic / Metal Tube
  • Automotive (Filter, Shock Absorber, Pad)