Although the necessary importance is given to the expiration date of the food, it can sometimes avoid attention. However, the expiration date is really of great importance.

What is the expiration date?
The expiration date is the date that indicates the shelf life of the food. In other words, it marks the date when the food will be spoiled from the date it was produced. In addition, factors such as temperature, light and oxygen are also taken into account as they may cause changes in history.

A food can be spoiled for many different reasons. Regardless of the reason, the condition of the food should be taken under control with protection methods. Among these methods, we can say cooling or freezing. Thanks to these methods, the food can remain in good condition for a long time.

In any case, history is very important. This is especially true for perishable foods such as dairy products and meat, as they can pose a threat to your health. You may not know; however, it is a legal obligation to put an expiry date or a “recommended consumption date” on the food.

The expiry date is not used in the same way for every food. It can even be used in many different ways:

Foods that should not be stored for more than 3 months should have a “recommended consumption date” or “expiration date” indicating the day and month.
If food can be stored for more than 3 months, the year should also be specified next to the month.
If food can be stored for more than 18 months, the year must be added to the expiration date.
Abant Machinery for the coding of food products since 1974 teknoljisiyle closely followed by Turkey, as well as with devices produced in the world is contributing to human health.

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