About Us

Abant Makina from Yesterday to Today

Abant Machinery Industrial Co. Ltd was established in 1974 by Muzaffer Gures. From then on, Abant is always making process in professional area and now especially serves with Vacuum Packaging Systems and Inkjet Coding Systems. In 2000’s a third group the Labelling Systems was added.

Abant , now supplies the complete range of packaging solutions for the food, medical device and consumer product industries.

With its innovative product and service portfolio, Abant sets the standards in efficiency and customer benefits.

`Quality and technology are the basis of all enterprice` has endured since the founding of the company.

The ISO 9001 international quality management system is at the heart of our company’s standards. Abant Machinery Co. Ltd is conscious of the fact that being respectable and trustworthy depends on preserving values and responsibility understanding.

We export our products to 44 countries at the right time with the right expertise.


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Management Strategy

ABANT GIDA VE MAKINA SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI; With a sense of approach and quality that is sensitive to society, its employees and the environment; It aims to provide zero investments, zero environmental accidents by making its investments to people, knowledge and technology. With this belief;

  • To comply with all legislations, administrative regulations, legal responsibilities and standards related to Environment and Quality,
  • Taking into account the quality and environmental effects of the technology and auxiliary factors used and taking all necessary measures,
  • To provide a common perspective at all levels of the organization in accordance with our Quality and Environmental requirements,
  • Providing training and open communication opportunities to all employees and their subcontractors and suppliers,
  • To provide quality and environmentalist services that meet the current and evolving needs and expectations of its customers and to make their lives better,
  • Working in cooperation and trust with the win-win principle with its suppliers and customers,
  • Using energy and natural resources at an optimum level, preventing pollution, reducing waste and providing maximum recycling by separating at the source,
  • To continuously improve and develop all processes and management systems applications, to be always open to development,
  • Being an example with its sensitivity to the environment and society,

is committed to.

Our Mission

Abant Company is being respected and trusted, is aware that adhere to the concept of acquired values and responsibility to protect.

Since the existence of a secret that without compromising the quality of excellence with a sense of detail, always with the goal of getting better offers contemporary service.

Our Vision

Abant Machinery Co, in industry to meet international quality standards, continuously improving its service concept in which the company aims to be the market leader.

To achieve this goal to ensure customer confidence and satisfaction in the foreground adopts a customer-focused management approach.

Culture of continuous improvement and learning takes place within the company as an essential value. In these principles all the Abant staff works to meet international quality standards.